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Birthstone colors were once the most important feature of a stone...bringing good luck, health, super natural powers—you name it. Whether you’re spiritual, healy-feely or not anything at all, these guys will add something personal to your collection—as a gift or for yourself.


January–Garnet: Thought to keep you safe while traveling.
February–Amethyst: Strengthens relationships and gives you courage. At one time was only allowed to be worn by royals.
March–Aquamarine: Cures diseases and protects from ocean dangers.
April–Diamond: Everlasting love and courage.
May–Emerald: Cleopatra’s favorite. Brings fertility, rebirth and love.
June–Pearl: Purity. Ancient greeks once believed pearls were the hardened tears from Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
July–Ruby: The king of gems. Protects from all evil and signifies passion.
August–Peridot: Strength. When set in gold, protects from nightmares.
September–Sapphire: Guards from evil. Supposively a snake would die if placed in a vessel made of sapphire.
October–Opal: Faithfulness and confidence. Jewelry with opal can be worn to repel evil and protect eyesight.
November–Citrine: Love and affection. It is believed to give increased strength and intellect.
December-Tanzanite: A love charm and symbol of good fortune and success. Relaxes the mind and protects from harm.

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tarin thomas is based and handmade in New York City. Our jewelry mixes masculine & feminine qualities while maintaining simplicity to make a statement - we are known for our semi-precious and precious gemstones and metal combinations for both men and women.



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