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Cloud Lustre Collection

Cloud Lustre Collection

Ever catch yourself gazing into the sky at the perfect fluffy clouds? Introducing the Cloud Lustre Collection! Inspired by the sea and sky, it features pieces adorned with baroque and round freshwater pearls. Our love for baroque pearls comes from their irregular, one of a kind, non-spherical shape. Their uneven surfaces play with light in a way that often gives them a more intense luster. Resembling fluffy cloud shapes, this dreamy collection holds something for everyone and every style. Each piece has its own one of a kind pearl, no shape or shine being the same. Allowing for individual flare and style. No matter the season, this collection brings sophistication to any look!

Bay Mini Earrings

From $348.00

Marin Ring

From $218.00

Zale Bracelet

From $298.00

Maya Mini Ring

From $108.00

Kai Ring

From $168.00

Dune Necklace


Maya Ring

From $128.00

Kailani Earrings

From $398.00

Delmare Sunglass Chain


Maris Ring

From $168.00

Marina Pendant - 6mm Round Pearl

From $128.00

Dune Bracelet


Zale Stud

From $198.00

Lana Ring

From $168.00

Bay Earrings

From $398.00

Hali Mini Ear Cuff


Zale Choker

From $398.00

Marina Pendant - 11x14mm Baroque Pearl

From $128.00

Zale Earrings

From $398.00

Zale Necklace

From $198.00

Hali Ear Cuff